Advantages of Land-Lease Home Ownership

Land-Lease, a unique and affordable way to buy and enjoy a home in Willamstown, New Jersey.

Searching for a home with affordability, great design and low overhead? Then Summerfields Friendly Village in Williamstown, New Jersey offers a truly unique option that is beautiful in terms of design and savings.

Whether you’re seeking a retirement home, a first home or simply want a better lifestyle without the expensive overhead, Summerfields Friendly Village offers a land-lease home ownership program. We meet people who have looked at condos, townhomes and single-family homes of all kinds, who are delighted to discover Summerfields Friendly Village. Living here, homebuyers can save money by leasing the land that their home sits on, while still owning their home.

  • The biggest benefits to land-lease arrangements are usually financial.
  • You do not have to invest your savings upfront in a large down payment for a land purchase.
  • The amount of money that would have been used to buy the land could be used to invest.
  • Land-lease removes the cost of expensive real estate taxes.
  • Our manufactured homes are far less cost than a constructed home.
  • A Summerfields Friendly Village land-lease community offers a tremendous opportunity to purchase a home without breaking the bank.

Many seniors are on a fixed income, and are limited in their housing options. And this applies to new home owners and frankly, to many people in today’s high cost of living. This is the reason why The Temple Companies developed the community in the first place. And it has succeeded beyond expectations.You can save significantly on the cost of the actual home you desire. Summerfield’s Friendly Village offers a wide range of home designs that you can customize to fit your lifestyle.

Another benefit to consider is a practical one; Summerfields Friendly Village land-lease communities are managed by The Temple Companies, and this is much different than typical Homeowners’ Associations because they are run by professionals which eliminate neighborhood politics that often arise through personalities. Further, owning land is expensive in purchase and high property taxes. More and more people prefer to reduce their housing costs by leasing land with a manufactured home, and investing the money saved in other ways. In many cases, the savings can be substantial. These are only a few advantages to living in the Summerfields Friendly Village in Williamstown, New Jersey.

Arrange for a visit to day and learn all the benefits you’ll enjoy as a home owner here.

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