Kitchen is a Personal Experience

Sundays were always special days in my family. Being at my grandmother’s house provided amazing meals and wonderful visits. The aroma of tomato sauce cooking filled the air as a climbed the stairs to her apartment. Once inside, you would see strands of pasta hung over wooden racks, and tables tales, drying. I would quickly sneak a piece of bread to dip into the sauce. But somehow, she knew, “Now get out of there before you use up all the sauce,” she would say in broken English.


A Kitchen Full of Memories

Kitchen is so much more than a place to prepare meals, it’s a gathering spot to talk, catch up and appreciate grandma’s work and love produced every Sunday. Great memories are created in the kitchen. Family traditions are passed on by generations, and the kitchen is usually the focal point. Family members could also learn a few tricks about cooking and preparation, and if you were luckily, grandma would eventually share her secret ingredients which made it all taste so unique.

Younger children also had the chance to cook and have a sense that they contribute. They had fun, a lot of messiness and gained a sense of confidence. In some cases, as with me, one of my sons went on to become a chef. Being seated at her long table we enjoyed a feast for the senses. Yes, my friends, kitchen is an experience!



Kitchen is Theatre at Summerfields Friendly Village.

Select from distinctively designed homes including kitchen designs to provide a gathering place for family, friends, and memories that last.

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