Lentils don’t always have the most exciting reputation.

No, they’re not the high topic of conversation. “Hey, so are you enjoying any lentils these days?” I mean, who askes anyone such a question. Lentils, often simply called, “beans,” are actually a fantastic support to the human body. When I changed my diet recently, I discovered a whole new world about lentils. I had no idea just how amazing lentils really are.

First off, lentils boost your energy levels. Low blood iron is a chronic cause of low energy. Lentils provide an excellent non-heme iron source. Non-heme iron is also the preferred type for vegans, supplying more than 30% of your required daily intake.

You’ll love this one. Lentils are helpful in losing weight. Diets typically ask you to reduce calories. Lentils are a perfect fit for this. A one cup size contains just 230 calories, but they will fill you up. Due to their fiber content lentils will hold off your appetite for hours.

How about cholesterol? Lentils are low in fat and pretty much devoid of sugars, but high in fiber. Lentils may also help reduce cholesterol levels that are already high. Consistent lentil consumption over time will help. (Are you warming up to lentils yet?) You would be well served to investigate the amazing lentil for yourself. You will be amazed!



Summerfields Friendly Village, a reputation for excellence.


Sometimes the most amazing things that would benefit us are not easy to find and we muss out. That isn’t the case here with Summerfields Friendly Village, all age community in Williamstown, New Jersey. Each of our manufactured homes can be customized to meet individual needs. Summerfields Friendly Village is a community of 600 home sites and is situated in the heart of the New Jersey Pinelands.


55 Village Parkway   Williamstown, NJ 08094   856-885-1219

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