Levoy Theatre

Discover the historic Levoy Theater in New Jersey.

Levoy Theatre

In your own backyard at Summerfields Friendly Village

At Summerfields Friendly Village in Williamstown, New Jersey, you participate in a creative community in a home beautifully designed and constructed. Good neighbors and friends abound, amenities and social gatherings all form a fantastic experience. But it doesn’t stop there. Williamstown, New Jersey offers a host of interesting things to do, and right in your backyard.

That said, here’s an introduction to the Levoy Theater only 20 minutes away:

The historic Levoy Theatre features concerts, Broadway events, and comedy events. The Levoy Theatre Preservation Society is the not-for-profit organization that is committed to the continued operation the Levoy Theatre, the performing arts, screen arts, and the educational center.

A brief history

The Levoy Theatre opened on January 9, 1908 by William “Pop” Somers. Somers was one of the early Ferris Wheel designers (even before Mr. Ferris himself). When the theatre first opened there was a theater on the lower level and a dance floor on the upper level. The 1st admission price was 5¢ for one ticket or 25¢ for six tickets.

By 1912, the  Levoy had doubled in size and became known as the “New Levoy”. After further expansions and embellishments in 1927 it was then called “Theatre Beautiful” of Millville. Most recently the Levoy Theatre facade and marquis was updated and there was another Grand Opening in 2012.

Visit the Levoy Theatre in Millville, New Jersey – or check out what’s happening at www.Levoy.net

Life and lifestyle are synonymous when you own a home at Summerfields Friendly Village in Williamstown, New Jersey. We hope you enjoyed this feature of one of our local treasures.

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