Practicality. Truly practical at times.

After high school, I prepared for college. My mother sat me down and said it was important to know how to iron my clothes and handle basic sewing. She pointed out that at school I would have limited funds. She never sent to me school with wrinkled or torn clothes. That would be unacceptable. (I’m surprised she didn’t mention clean underwear.) So, she gave me lessons.

At college, I lost a button on an expensive shirt. Still wearing pajamas, I draped the shirt over my knee and sewed. “Wow, I did it,” I proclaimed, and then stood up only to find that I had sewn part of the shirt to my pajamas. Well, I didn’t hear the end from my roommate. But wait! I was in the laundry room ironing pants and got busy chatting with a gal. Instead of keeping the iron moving, I was too busy talking to her, and she simply pointed her finger at the ironing board. Smoke rose, only to display a burn patch the shape of an iron on my pants. I could only wish it was my roommate standing there instead of her. She was gracious. I was embarrassed. Ugh! I will say that numerous times afterward, I did sew buttons and expertly ironed my clothes.

Summerfields Friendly Village: Practicality should be beautiful.

Like all things in life, the practical is of great value, however, it may not always have style. Summerfields Friendly Village offers practicality in cost, design, low maintenance, friendly neighborhood, and atmosphere, Our home designs are lovely, and all the interiors are well laid out.

All Age Community New Jersey

Another consideration: this is where you can raise your family in a prosperous environment. There’s no reason not to talk with us. If you think about it, it’s the practical thing to do.

 255 Village Pkwy, Williamstown, NJ 08094

(856) 885-1219


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