The Right Moves to Move

The Right Moves to Move

I have a friend who is an executive with a large firm. He has moved 5 times in 8 years, both nationally and internationally. We had lunch before the holidays, and I asked him how he deals with the moves.  “Stay organized,” he said. I asked for details. Here are aa few sensible and practical ideas he shared.

First and foremost, he keeps his most needed items accessible so if they are needed in the move, he can get to them. No one wants to dig through cartons to locate something that’s important. He also has a special carry bag he hand-carries for most critical items he needs close at hand. Next, he concerns himself with fragile items to be certain they are correctly packaged. There are some items like paintings and photographs that he ships himself in advance.

Who thinks about that?

Insurance! I never even thought about this, but when moving, my friend contacts his insurance agent. He ensures that his valuables are covered in case of damage while being moved. My friend ended the conversation by saying that is you get these few issues right; the rest is fairly easy. One of my take-aways was that we can use this line of thinking and preparing in  anything we do, it doesn’t have to be a physical move to another home. It’s just a basic way to be prepared and organized.

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