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What is the Difference Between the Construction of a Manufactured Homes vs A Traditional On-Site Construction?

How home building has changed over the past decades is a rather interesting fact. Here at The Temple Companies we have been a part of the ever improving process of building a superb alternative to on-site construction: manufactured homes. Most people may not realize just how significantly manufactured homes have changed over the years. In fact the change is astounding.  You wouldn’t even recognize a Temple manufactured home from a stick-built home today.


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How do manufactured homes compare to stick built homes in quality? The construction of a manufactured home will typically far surpass that of a home that is built on-site. Here’s why:

Manufactured homes are built from start to finish in a climate controlled environment. This means that the materials used to build your home are never exposed to the elements during construction. There’s none of the warping or mold build-up that is always a threat when materials are left out in the weather.

Also, the framing of a manufactured home is secured by screws rather than nails, which adds an additional layer of sturdiness to the construction.

Homes built in a factory are also subject to strict codes mandated by the federal government. In fact each home receives certification from the Federal Department of Housing of Urban Development.

To keep costs down the process and design is very precise and every square inch of space is utilized. To secure our homes and protect them from extreme weather our homes are affixed to the foundation utilizing steel anchors and straps. These anchors and straps are wrapped to each metal beam that is used in the home foundation and anchored into concrete. This professionally designed anchoring system is inspected locally and mandated to meet criteria that assures protection for the home and safety for you and your family.

Building Our Communities

All Temple Companies homes are full of innovative materials and trendy designs.  They are energy efficient and attractive. They are nothing like many people would imagine a manufactured home to look like. Manufactured homes are subject to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Code so we always meet and exceed those requirements.

Manufactured homes can be set up on concrete foundations and look and feel like stick-built homes. The difference is they are constructed inside controlled environment facilities. The big advantage is they remain out of the weather during the building process and are created with fine materials by seasoned craftsmen.

The Temple Companies realizes lower construction costs due to our well thought-out processes and methods and we are able to purchase raw materials in large quantity which is why we can offer our premium manufactured homes in our various communities (55+ and all age) for much less than a stick-built home.

And there are other cost-saving features in Temple Companies manufactured home. They are very energy efficient to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Our homes are move-ready much sooner than waiting for a builder to construct an on-site home.

As master builders of lifestyle communities, we invite you to experience our unique difference.

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