What are you planting?

all age community in New JerseyIf a farmer were to plant corn, he certainly would not expect a crop of tomatoes to grow would he? If he were to plant no seeds how could he expect any harvest at all? The old timers planted their wheat by “broadcasting,” the seeds. They did this by throwing it on the soil in a fan shaped arm swing. We get what we plant but only if we apply proven principles: the soil was prepared, seed planted in season, and all the appropriate care provided. Then we earn an extraordinary harvest. Living out of our extraordinary-ness is a privilege.

Regardless of the extraordinary gifts we have, creating positive outcomes takes nurturing and time. We must remember this and not become frustrated: Everything starts small. The tallest gardens started in microscopic form. The high-rise buildings around us started small. Fields of corn started out small. Blue whales started small. Global businesses started small. Hey, you started out small! Everything in existence started out small. The ancient Jewish writings proclaim, “Do not despise the day of small beginnings.” (Zechariah 4:10).

Summerfields Friendly Village: A strong Start.

When this amazing all-age community was conceived, it was a dream in the mind. Then it moved to a blueprint. Then it developed into reality. The harvest, so to speak, is what the community is today. A homeowner’s opportunity. Sometimes we miss opportunities due to not taking action. We are here to help you determine what will be superbly suited to your life. Contact us today.

255 Village Pkwy, Williamstown, NJ 08094     (856) 885-1219



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