Creative Thinking: a gift, or hard work.

The whole issue of creativity has been through the mill and distorted, more often than not. There’s a distinct difference between someone naturally gifted to be creative and thinking creatively. They seem the same, but they are not.

Thinking creatively is an intension. It’s a process. If you are trying to solve a problem or come up with a new idea or solution, your mind is willing and able to do the work, but you have to feed it. One technique is to keep the problem on your mind, but not at the forefront. Let it go to the back of your mind, in other words let it go and don’t dwell on it. This creates a free flow.

Once you have introduced a problem needing a solution, your mind will want to overcome it. The mind likes to wander and that is where the creativity is ignited. Looking at articles or information that does not relate to the issue is fodder for the creative mind. Very often answers and ideas come to you in off-hours when you are not focusing on it. But you must practice being “present,” that is, be aware and alert as thoughts and insights come to mind. Creativity is essentially the process of combining dissimilar items or thoughts and blending them for the eureka!

Be present but not too present.

Being present of mind is not easy and requires some practice, but well worth it for the creative results it brings. As absurd as it sounds, it’s the ability to stop thinking about the problem, allowing your mental capacities to find the answer. The fact has long been understood that abstaining from the problem is a key to gaining an end result that fits. The other factor involved is “risk.” As Apple’s founder Steve Jobs expressed it: Think Different!

That leads to new paths and spaces that were likely sealed over since most of us were dulled to our creativity when we were taught, cajoled, and likely forced not to color outside the lines. What a terrible injustice to young minds. We tend to hold on to that notion. But the inner mind could care less. So, creative thinking has in essence, reshaped the world to betterment on many levels. Again, it takes work and intension.

Creative thinking in 3-dimension

Creative thinking is the spark that created Summerfields Friendly Village. The way the layout of homes is situated, the land lease, the home designs, the low maintenance, the lower cost.

Plus, there’s no water bills or sewer fees, no real estate taxes and with energy efficiency. You’ll not easily find something more thoughtfully creative.
255 Village Pkwy, Williamstown, NJ 08094 856-885-1219

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