The advantage of winning energy

It’s unfortunately true that some people have restless tossing and turning sleep all night. When they awake, they don’t feel energized but tend to feel groggy, and the morning hours bring drowsiness. Coffee doesn’t seem to help nor does a self-talk, pep talk. You get through the day, but you don’t command the day.

Some say you need to be motivated. That’s a good start but to make energy changes you must move from motivation (which is short-lived) to commitment and good habits which actually gets you to your goals.

Here are a few ways to start, but don’t do it all at once and get sucked into the black hole of the “New Year’s Resolution Syndrome.” You have felt the effect. You decide on the first day of the new year to go on a diet, start exercising, cut out TV binging, and stop smoking. “Whew, that’s a lot to bite off. It’s overwhelming, and quickly collapses leading to guilt and discouragement. Success in the long term begins by applying the basics first and work into change methodically.


Did you know that while you sleep your body dehydrates? That’s one reason for the morning grogginess. As soon as you’re up and before anything else, get a drink of water, at least 16 ounces.

I see that look on your face, water? Yes, water! Remember, it’s about the fundamentals. Almost every sports game is won on a foul shot or a field goal, not the fancy stuff. It’s about the fundamentals so stop glaring at the glass of water and drink it. Do this for 21 days straight and it becomes a habit. Now you move to some basic exercises. Always begin with a few stretches. Then do a few exercise moves that are easy for you. Start by investing 10 minutes and again, 21 days goes a long way to make it a habit. See, you’re already ahead of most people.

Morning menu. You may have specific dietary restrictions so check with your healthcare provider. Try a couple of hard-boiled eggs or a quality cereal. But eat something substantial, as the TV commercials for Jimmy Dean foods puts it, “Then you’ll know you had somethin’ to eat.”

Building energy is something you can accomplish, keeping in mind it helps to start small and go up from there. There’s nothing better than investing in yourself. Energy is what keeps you going and holds that mental sharpness, and in reality, it doesn’t really take that much to do it.

Saturate in the energy at Summerfields Friendly Village

The way you live, your home, environment, neighborhood, atmosphere, and freedom are either going to sap your energy or enhance it. That’s why owning a home in Summerfields Friendly Village is so important. It’s one thing to read about it here, it’s quite another to experience this community in person.

In fact, there are several lovely homes for sale right now. Here’s one to look into: The Tamarack, 28 x 52 feet, two bedroom and two bathroom located on 509 Shadowcreek Lane. At only $75,000 this is well worth seeing so get energized by calling to set up a tour today.

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