Distractions go beyond texting

We hear a great deal about distracted drivers texting and people walking along, head down while texting. It seems a daily common occurrence. Cell phones, texting, tweeting, facebooking, Fit Bits, social media, websites, TV, radio, and more, all pull us in their direction, making it difficult to focus on any given initiative. Probably the most common evidence of this is in your own home. Do you and your family members constantly have your cell phone next to you? Are you driving and texting?

How often do calls come in or text blings go off on your phone? When that happens the person interrupts whatever he is doing to take the call or reply to the text. How often do you stop what you’re doing to check for notifications in the event you didn’t hear the bling or ring?

Diversions lose out in numerous ways:

  • You’ll settle for just getting something done and it’s not your best work because the pull to get back to the social media or whatever it is, overrides good judgment.
  • You are simply no longer present to those you are with or to your responsibilities.
  • Texting and phoning while driving can injure you and others.

A few remedies:

Become aware of the time you spend on this and set specific times to check these devices. Put your cell phone away in another room as part of this strategy. Turn off notifications. If you do not focus on a solution you won’t have one.

A better way is the solution.

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