Feng Shui For Your Home

A Few Feng Shui Basics for Beginners

Summerfields Friendly Village is conveniently located just off the Black Horse Pike in Williamstown, NJ. It is a community of thoughtfully arranged manufactured homes along shaded tree-lined streets, and it’s active from the community clubhouse to the Olympic-size outdoor pool. Here you will have a lifestyle you’ve always desired in an all age community. Visit with friends and family in our spacious clubhouse, or take a swim in our Olympic size pool. The notion that the community is arranged for maximum enjoyment spurred the idea to talk about the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, (pronounced fung shway), which also deals with arranging things, but in the home.

What if the simple act of moving things around in your home could improve the flow of energy? According to the art of Feng Shui it does. Your living space reflects your life, Feng Shui is used to achieve balance in both. It holds that all objects possess an energy called chi, and that you can use this chi to bring luck, wealth, and opportunity into your living space. “With Feng Shui, you don’t have to spend 20 years on the couch [with a therapist] to change your life – you just have to move the couch,” says Ellen Whitehurst, author of Make This Your Lucky Day: Fun and Easy Secrets and Shortcuts to Success, Romance, Health, and Harmony.

It’s a fun exercise to try. Here are some of the basics.

Many experts say that you do not need a deep understanding of Feng Shui principles in order to start applying it in your home. There are many easy Feng Shui tips you can apply right away to create a better quality of energy. You begin by identifying which areas of your home need help the most. Think about your living room. Do you feel very comfortable and relaxed there? That’s all about the presence of positive energy.  But don’t disregard other spaces. Look at your house as a whole system because one overlooked area, according to Feng Shui, could spread negative energy elsewhere in the house.

Starter tips

  • Clearing clutter is not that hard, and is the easiest way to begin. This helps unblock the flow of positive energy. Place an energetic fountain near your front door.
  • Clear the entryway to your home.
  • Make sure your home encourages learning. Keep your mind open and not steel-trapped.
  • Get rid of unwanted frustrations by fixing broken objects in the home.
  • Electronics, big and small, can emit currents capable of disrupting sleep. When in doubt, move as many gadgets away from the bedroom as possible, and whatever must remain, turn off.
  • Window treatments can be a source of unrest. Feng Shui suggests choosing soft curtains or fabric shades instead of wood, metal or plastic blinds to create a more comforting or intimate environment

Whatever you might think about Feng Shui, there’s a lot of truth to being in the atmosphere of positive energy and that’s what you will enjoy at Summerfields Friendly Village.

Here are a few basics about the good energy you’ll enjoy at Summerfields Friendly Village:

  • As a land-lease community you’ll have no real estate taxes.
  • No water bills or sewer fees to pay.
  • There are virtually no closing costs.
  • Manufactured homes are energy efficient.
  • Modular construction uses less material without compromising a building’s structural integrity so you support green initiatives.

When you want more than a house

Summerfields Friendly Village has so much to offer you, both close by and within the region. What a beautiful concept, one you can enjoy every day. What’s more you benefit from it all at unmatched affordability and value. It’s a community and more…it’s a living experience.

Come to Summerfields Friendly Village and arrange the future you desire.

Our team of seasoned sales people are very proud to show off the beauty and value here, and they do not ever pressure anyone…not ever. Our manufactured home designs stand on their own and speak for themselves–there’s no need for “sales-speak.” Our sales people function more like tour guides who will help you consider all the many option. You will learn more about real estate values here and in the area as well.

Don’t miss this chance to find the creative value that is truly unique. Call our office today. You’ll be glad you did.

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