From a humble napkin

How many amazing ideas, businesses, products, services, bodies of knowledge, and innovations started as a scribble on a napkin? You liked shared yours with a friend, took out a Sharpie and mapped out the vision right there on a napkin at the table. There it lay, in black ink on a one-dimensional surface waiting for life to engage it, to inflate it, challenge it to become reality.

all age community in New Jersey

In those early days you had to blow your own wind into your sails. You knew however, somewhere just ahead, something awaited you. Think of the Wright Brothers whose wings awaited a push to leap into the sky, a place everyone accepted, belonged only to animals with wings and not humans. And yet those passionate people came to learn the great secret: The little napkin of ideas and dreams has to be made into a sail that takes you to a destiny. Think about that today. What’s on your napkin, maybe it’s time to get that napkin out and reignite the idea.


Summerfields Friendly Village, from idea to lifestyle reality.

You will enjoy many unique benefits in a home at Summerfields Friendly Village, such as:

  • As a land-lease community you’ll have no real estate taxes.
  • No water bills or sewer fees to pay.
  • There’s virtually no closing costs.
  • Manufactured homes are energy efficient.
  • Modular construction uses less material without compromising a building’s structural integrity, so you support green initiatives.

There is much more, so contact us today and see the reality of it all.

255 Village Parkway, Williamstown, NJ 08094




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