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Bet you didn’t know!

Sorry Mt. Everest, you’re not the tallest. It’s the highest mountain, 29,029 feet, but not the tallest. The winner is Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Volcano at 33,476 feet. Lakes Exploding? Africa has volcanic gases rise to the lake surface like explosions. Below Lake Nyos sits a 950-mile chain of volcanoes. Gases came to the surface, an […]

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Leading When Leading

There are more books and seminars on leading than one could consume. Proven leadership principles apply in all situations, whether leading a family, team, company and especially yourself.  There is a need for effective leaders. When I conducted management seminars, I taught on the 4 areas of leadership:   Leadership of self. Leadership of others. […]

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Trees, Wreaths and Holiday Cheer Should Last All Year

There’s really something about the wintertime holidays. In a general sense, everyone can enjoy the lights, colors, and festive attitudes all around us. Here are a few holiday thoughts to brighten the expectations: Christmas Trees: There is a sense of excitement in going out to select a tree, whether it’s purchased, assembled, or cut down. […]

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