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Lentils don’t always have the most exciting reputation.

No, they’re not the high topic of conversation. “Hey, so are you enjoying any lentils these days?” I mean, who askes anyone such a question. Lentils, often simply called, “beans,” are actually a fantastic support to the human body. When I changed my diet recently, I discovered a whole new world about lentils. I had […]

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Summerfields Friendly Village, Village Parkway, Monroe, NJ

Ugh, that could have gone better.

It’s a common experience to be unsure in converse new people effectively. For many, greeting and talking with unfamiliar people can be stressful and awkward. This typically happens at events, dinners, and meetings. What you hear so often as a way of breaking the ice or the uncomfortable silence goes like this. So, tell me, […]

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