The Value of Assertiveness

Whether you’re in business, working at home, out on a hike or in any situation, when you need to express yourself, it helps to be assertive. Many people don’t voice their opinions when they should, and it comes off as passive or submissive or uninvolved. But worse, you don’t get to add value to the situation. As a former Trainer of Teams, I often dealt with very bright people on a variety of cross-functional teams. Some were so laid-back that team members overlooked them. I helped those individuals practice methods to help their assertiveness.

First off, assertiveness is not getting in someone’s face, or becoming “pushy.” I’ve witnessed people who become louder and louder as though that makes them right and dismissive of others. Rather, it demonstrates a strong sense of confidence which allows you to be direct and honest about whatever you are engaged in doing.

Being assertive does not allow you to feel/act superior to others or that you are right, and they are all wrong. Assertiveness is expressing your view candidly, with confidence. Otherwise, you won’t come across believable or passionate about your stance. You must stand for something.

Find ways to break through with your views. Keep in mind that differences count. There are other points of view and experiences that can contribute to the situation. Don’t allow differences to make you angry. Understand other points of view. Listen and don’t interrupt. Give others the common courtesy to express their views.  If you believe in your idea, then be sure to stand for it with facts and evidence assertively. If you do this properly others will hold respect for you even if they disagree.

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