What’s happened to words?

I’ve noticed for some time now, that words spoken by employees in retail outlets has become out of hand (or should I say, out of mouth)? And it’s my pet peeve. Here then in the most annoying.

Even when I say thanks a clerk, “Thanks for your help,” I say.best family community in new Jersey

The response is most often, “No problem!”

When I ask to see a watch in the glass case and afterward say, “Thank you.”

Again I get, “No problem.”


What does this mean? “No problem,” meaning it could have been a problem? Or that it was no problem going out of your way to help me or answer my question? Does this response tell me in some coded way that the service provided was a bother since it turned out to be, no problem? I think from now of I will respond to that response by asking, “Well, I had no idea what I asked you could have posed such a problem for you.” I can only wonder what look would come across her face at hearing that?

I suppose we can only conclude that anyone born after 1980 felt it necessary to transform the ag-old, “You’re welcome,” with “No problem.” However, it doesn’t stop there. The traditional thank you also has other replacements. I’m sure you’ve heard them: “No worries!” “Anytime!” “Of course!” “Sure thing!” “Uh huh!” We have certainly lost stability. I’m sure this isn’t going to change anytime soon even if we begin to call it out. As for me I’m going to do just that!


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